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The Humanitarians is a registered non-profit organization (NPO 135 447) based in South Africa aiming to create a sustainable and innovative society through five different branches: Education, Health, Sport, Sustainable/Innovative lifestyles and scientific research. To date we have conducted several campaigns and interventions, these reports can be viewed on our website.

The Humanitarians takes a strong stand on health. These include supporting initiatives and organisations advancing and promoting healthcare, quality of life and the well-being of society. The Humanitarians does not represent any discipline, association, political party or agency. These can also include an array of health professions, allied health associations and companies. Instead, The Humanitarians intends to support, collaborate and conduct interventions with organisations for the sustainable betterment of society.

One organisation in particular is The Noakes Foundation. One of their goals is to support the dietary revolution that will reverse the global epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus. This has been spearheaded by A1 rated scientist and founder of The Noakes Foundation, Professor Tim Noakes.

One the 26th October 2016 at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, The Noakes Foundation will be conducting a fundraising workshop “Feeding the Future”. The aim of this workshop is to explore what is needed to change the diets and health of the future.

As such, The Humanitarians proudly supports The Noakes Foundation, their objectives and this initiative. We kindly invite you to purchase tickets for the evening, please email: for more information or buy tickets online. Tickets are at R400 per head and proceeds go towards the Noakes Foundation for the advancement of research into the nutritional sciences.

Prof Noakes is currently on trial with the HPCSA and has been charged with “unprofessional conduct for giving unconventional advice to a breastfeeding mother on a social network (Twitter)”. The Humanitarians is in full support of Prof Noakes at the trial and we hope that the truth prevails. Show your support on Twitter with the handle, #ImwithTim #TheHumanitarians.

Yours faithfully
The Humanitarians

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