The Meaning of a Humanitarian – 22.08.2016

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On the evening of the 22nd of August, The Humanitarians, led by our director, Habib, presented an informal seminar to discuss ‘The Meaning of a Humanitarian’. The aim of the evening was to create awareness about Humanitarianism, our NPO and provide a practical opportunity for individuals to partake in our OnePersonInitiative


A total of 20 individuals attended whom were either students, academics or professionals. We started the evening by talking about Humanitarianism from our point of view. The values required by an individual include having PDP – passion, drive and proactivity.


We all lead busy lives and being a Humanitarian can easily fit in if its a priority.


The main question is whether money is the center of your attention. We all need money to survive but in order to be a Humanitarian, money is not the center.


The talk then went on to enlighten us about attributing oneself to an egg, animal and an object in the community? What can you describe yourself as?

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The practical component of the seminar included the One-person-initiative – we changed it into an Amazing Race and asked attendees to aim to meet 2 people in and around the venue. They were challenged to ask the 5 questions – you can also be a Change Agent, start today!

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After everyone had changed the lives of two people, we had a session of feedback which was very informative. Challenges that arise with becoming Change Agents in SA include safety, violence and poverty which we can easily resort to Toxic Charity (see here). It is important that when we approach communities to make a difference that we start with a needs analysis and always enter the community with either a leader or one who is experienced in community engagement. ¬†Even though the mentioned above aspects can deter one from making a difference, it shouldn’t stop us from creating a sustainable and innovative society! There is hope and it starts with US!


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