Team Building Weekend – 07.08.15

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On the weekend of Women’s Day, the Humanitarians embarked on a team building weekend to Kleinmond to empower the team and increase the team dynamics. This weekend consisted of sessions focusing on understanding the team dynamics and increasing our existing relationship in carrying out our goals as an NPO. We travelled in two teams with the first arriving on Friday, 7th August followed by the second team on Saturday afternoon. Our team building sessions were ran by our Director and Community Engagement Officer (CCEO). 

In the first session we were taken through our novel approach of sustainable dialogue in further understanding each other from a deep level of reflection, thinking and conversations. We focused on the impact of current issues on the team and how we could improve on understanding ourselves better in a changing society. This session was led by Noel, our CCEO and was a very thought provoking session. Thereafter we continued with further understanding the team, their backgrounds and how they could improve on being a better Humanitarian. The session entitled ‘Your life in 11 questions’ was facilitated by our director, Habib and was an enlightening approach to help understand the team dynamics and how we could all work together even though we had different priorities and different backgrounds. Both these sessions together allowed the team to divulge into hardcore issues to enable us to work more effectively as a team. That evening we worked on trusting our team by engaging in team building activities surrounding balancing objects and thinking outside the box. The night ended over a braai followed by yet another fun and interactive learning game of 30 seconds.

Early Sunday morning started with a brief followed by the days activities of the one-person-initiative. This novel initiative by the Humanitarians aimed for each team member to meet and greet 10 new people in the area of Kleinmond. Engagement is something the Humanitarians pride themselves on and it was important to engage and in the process learn something new about ourselves as well as give back to the community in a sustainable way simply by engagement. We thereafter regrouped and ran a small activity by begging on the street corner. The aim of such an act was to feel the humiliation and dig deep into the lives of those that do beg. A huge part of engagement in any community is to be able to go down to their level and not feel ashamed about it. At the end of the day we collected R19,30 and donated this money towards a meal for the homeless. 

The weekend ended off with more interactive games and engagement with the community before we parted ways. Overall it was an enjoyable informative weekend where the team was able to learn not only about themselves but their team mates in hopes that we can work more effectively to creating a sustainable and innovative society!

See our video of the weekend, here.

Humanitarians in Action!


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