Sustainable Lifestyle Programme – 04.03.17

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On the 4th of March, The Humanitarians and Homey Impact in association with The Noakes Foundation and Mr South Africa conducted the pilot of their new project Sustainable Lifestyle Programme to get communities eating healthy by sustainable means. The first project was conducted in Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain with assistance from NPO, Bright Future. 

The day started off at 9H30 whereby the community were first introduced to tea and coffee without sugar but offered an alternative of honey. This was further explained and encouraged by Mr South Africa, Habib Noorbhai who spoke and demonstrated the dangers of sugar on our health and the benefits of a sugar-free lifestyle. Habib encouraged the community to move away from toxic sugar drinks that contain high levels of sugar and other preservatives. He also spoke about eating healthy to sustain yourself longer. As a low carbohydrate and high fat enthusiast he educated them around low carbohydrate alternatives to their daily meals and introduced and emphasises the importance of breakfast. To do this we provided the members with two boiled eggs not only to enjoy but as a healthy source to start their day and to sustain themselves for longer during the day. 

What one eats is not only responsible for a healthy sustainable lifestyle and Homey Impact member Kirtanya Lutch demonstrated and presented the importance of a healthy mental mind and body. She shared the benefits of sleep, meditation, yoga and breathing techniques and how it can assist with easing the stress of daily life. 

Thereafter Candice Spence from the Noakes Foundation enlightened us on the benefits of the ‘Banting Lifestyle’ and emphasised the importance of trying it for themselves to see the benefits. She reiterated alternative food choices by Habib such as eating healthy fats (high such as avocado, nuts), proteins (medium such as eggs, meat, chicken, offal) and limiting the carbohydrates (low such as bread, pasta, potatoes) with no sugar substances or processed food. 

We also had community members sharing their experience of the lifestyle such as Ms Williams who had lost 10 kgs since January this year whilst maintaining a healthy sustainable lifestyle (Banting). In order to let the members experience low carbohydrate alternatives, we demonstrated and gave a pap alternative for their families to try at home known as Heba Pap. Heba Pap is made out of coconut, flax seeds and a variety of other seeds and can be used as an alternative not only for bread but for porridge, krummel pap and used in baking other goods. 

This is the first programme and will continue in other communities. We will also be revisiting Mitchell’s Plain to follow-up on those that have adopted the change in their lifestyles and what difference it has made to them and their families. 

A special thank you goes out to Mr South Africa and the fellow 2016 finalists, Christo De Ridder and Heinrich Gabler who also shared their inspiring journeys with us to encourage the community.



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