Established in 2013, originally named as the Biokinetic Humanitarian Project (BHP), our aim was focused solely on increasing awareness on physical activity, health education and the emphasizing the importance of Biokinetics by providing complementary services to disadvantaged communities. Towards the end of 2014, we realised that the needs of South Africans are widespread. The Humanitarians was therefore born aiming to provide a holistic approach to create a sustainable and innovative South African society targeting all individuals, young and old, skilled and unskilled. These aims are further elaborated and highlighting in our organogram below.

We are unique in that we firstly avoid ‘toxic charity’. Whilst we acknowledge the need for humanitarian aid, we believe in planting the seed and sharing a sustainable idea to make a difference. Secondly, all our work is measured through scientific research in order to improve on the programmes and determine its effectiveness. We are currently a small group of Passionate, Driven and Proactive individuals always seeking to work with other passionate people aiming to make a sustainable difference. 

We are active on social media platforms providing regular updates on our campaigns as well as current humanitarian work surrounding our causes. We would love to hear from you, follow us:

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 We look forward to working with you create a sustainable and innovative society!

Humanitarians in Action!

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