TEDxCT Salon: Youth Day – 16.06.15

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Educating the youth of today will assist in creating a sustainable and innovative society and that was the mind set when the Humanitarians attended the TEDxCT Salon that took place on Youth Day in Khayelitsha in association with GirlHype (aiming to empower young women and girls with Digital and Media education skills). 

TEDxCapeTown commemorated Youth Day to honour the youth that fought for a fair education system during apartheid, as well as the role of youth in the liberation of South Africa. The fight for access to education and basic needs for development continues and this is something TEDxCapeTown wanted to discuss with the greater community. 

The theme this year was focused on Access: Energy, Education and Elephants which navigated the complex concept of access itself. It was an enriching day consisting of four inspiring talks from different individuals both local and international. Each talk had a key message but the common message was sustainability and inspiration through education. The focus was also on the youth which was filled with many individuals under the age of 18 years old. Each talk was watched in awe by all and was followed by a fruit break for the youth. It was interesting to note that the TEDx CT team have adopted the vegan diet which was advocating throughout the meal served.  The salon was ended by the harmonious voices of the youth girls league. 

At any event, the Humanitarians always take the opportunity to engage as it is an important element to being a humanitarian. We were able to meet fellow humanitarians and are hoping to collaborate with them soon. 

Humanitarians in Action! 


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