Solidarity For Peace – 31.07.14

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With the conflict and human rights infringement status currently taking place in the world, there came the need for all individuals regardless of race, colour or gender to come together and show solidarity for peace. This drove us towards the idea to create a banner for peace in which solidarity could be demonstrated by a hand print.

This banner was created at the University of Cape Town senior student residence, Obz Square from 15.00-20.00 on 31 July 2014. Students from all backgrounds came forward to show their solidarity by means of a red hand print. Fellow humanitarians helped designed the slogan the day before ready for students to add their mark in order to show our brothers and sisters around the world that they are not forgotten during this tragic time. Though it may have seemed like not much, solidarity in peace by setting the example is the best form of fighting spirit.

The campaign was successful with the banner being filled as quick as within the hour with consequent students adding their fingerprints. Staff were also encouraged and showed their support. There were a few reluctant individuals of which their right was respected. It must be noted that this was our choice by means of hand print to show solidarity, there of course many other ways to show this. This banner is currently resident at the student residence to be a constant reminder to all.

Following this initiative, the Student Representative Council and Palestine Solidarity Alliance of UCT and other organisations marched to Jameson Hall calling for peace and support from vice chancellor, Dr. Max Price towards the Israeli/Palestine conflict. In contrast, our campiagn without showing solidarity/bias towards a certain event, was a general banner of peace for humanity, against violence and abuse of all human beings.

“Its not about religion, it’s about humanity”

Humanitarians in action!


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