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Entrepreneurship Student Program


As time passes, more and more people are becoming self-starters / entrepreneurs. The people are not only increasing, they are getting younger too!

Understanding entrepreneurship means exchange of VALUE for money, this could be a product or service. In the current entrepreneurship world, most of us are affiliate marketers. Meaning you earn a piece of the revenue for connecting a buyer to a product or service. The secret lies in 3 things, marketing, the entrepreneur choosing the product that they believe is of high value and solves a problem – then connecting the person who needs it most. The successful applicants will be taught how to do this.

We have developed an Academy to work with up and coming entrepreneurs. The ideal candidates will want to earn money part time. The training provided is valued at R21,500 per candidate, per year, which is why we have to complete a recruitment process and select the right collaboration of people.



  1. Use online application to apply
  2. If approved, you will be invited to an orientation and showcase
  3. After the induction, an assessment is completed
  4. After a product/s is selected by the candidate, the relevant product training will be booked
  5. The final training program is Rockstar Marketing – then you can start earning part-time

The content taught is at a world class level, meaning the best marketers in the world use these strategies. Should you apply what you are taught, you will be invited to attend an advanced course where you could start your own business or partner with us to start a team.

Entrepreneurship Student Program


The program is for aspiring entrepreneurs. Providing the full start up solution from training and business registration to paying clients and partnerships.


Sponsorship Goal


  • 75 people per region for the 12-month pilot
  • 675 new businesses for the pilot year.
  • 900 new businesses for the second year
  • 2000 new businesses in year 3

The cost per candidate annually is R21,500. This cost includes:

Entrepreneurship Course – covering all the essentials of starting and managing a business as both an Entrepreneur and a Solopreneur.
Marketing Certification – Most failed businesses rest on a lack of clients. No clients, no revenue, no profit = no business. Its detrimental to learn how to do marketing for a start-up business.

Business Mentorship – over 12 months to ensure success in year 1

Website – The knowledge from the marketing course will teach candidates how to attract visitors, the professional website will be setup to capture enquiries and leads for sales to convert into revenue.
Business Registration & business account – PTY LTD will be registered and a new bank account will be setup following the business registration so the candidate may begin trading ASAP.

We are a group of Entrepreneurs and would like our sponsors to benefit financially.

Option 1: Sponsor will own a stake in the business

Option 2: If 40 candidates are sponsored, the team will market the sponsors brand for 30 days’ post certification. This will be their practical requirement after theoretical training.

Option 3: Your creative idea?


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